About Us


TELE TECHTEQ offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions for Call Centre Operations which includes both training and offering a host of inbound and outbound calls for US business related campaigns with high-quality considerations. We have extensive experience of executing tele-sales, tele-customer support, tele-marketing and offshore recovery services projects.
Coupled with call centre trainings for various clients in public and private sector of USA and Pakistan.
Every day, our clients entrust their customers and business to our bilingual
(English/Pakistan) employees, who engage in telephone and call center operations, telecommunications, sales, customer service and marketing efforts to help.

What we offer?

We offer our clients with courteous, professional, knowledgeable agents with crystal clear voice quality, customized answering with your personalized greeting and 24/7 nationwide telephone answering service.
Multilingual services Message center with 24/7, Toll Free access
We enable our clients to meet their sales objectives by offering them quality
services .Our program offerings include the following:
  • Acquisition and Sales Program
  • Back Office Processing

Acquisition and Sales Program

  • Inbound Services and Sales
  • Outbound Sales
  • Order Taking and Fulfillment
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Information Requests
  • Subscription Renewals
Back Office Processing – Our proven back office solutions include
  • Data Entry
  • Transcription
  • Research
  • Analysis



High-quality telephone and web-based customer service and sales operations Runtime Quality Control

  • Run time Feedback
  • Run time check & balance
  • Invest more time towards Quality tasks
  • Transaction Monitoring

Reduction of Operational Costs

  • Decrease answering and talk time = reduce communication cost
  • Decrease integration of back-end systems.
  • Improve processes and save money.
  • Free your resources and focus on your strategy.
  • Increase your capabilities

Increase Revenue

  • Swift and Efficient Start Up,
  • Readily Available Resources.
  • Quicker Turn Around Time
  • Constant Coordination and Correspondence with immediate response time

Improve Service 24×7

  • Interaction History is Automatically Recorded and available for reference.
  • Quality Check appliance on every call
  • Coaching by Mentors.
  • Leverage Customer/Caller Profile
  • IT Support available